I don’t plan to substitute Kina’s blog for mine, but this post also fires my heart. In my personal story the issue has been the careless, dogma and ego driven responses of fellow Christians whose advice I sought while struggling with domestic violence from my Christian husband. Thinking can become narrowed and re-parroted in closed groups until the original goals are lost in the drama of being fired up to be us vs. them.

Human In Recovery


I may be alone in this, as a Christian, but this is crap!

I understand why it is a popular response, however, that very same understanding is why I wonder if I can even consider myself a Christian at times.

Religion sucks! Religious responses like this in response to horrific tragedies are simplistic, lacking in compassion and empathy, and most of all faulty.

There are many spiritual belief systems, Christianity included, that state the omnipresence of God and believe that God’s spirit or essence can permeate and inhabit people and that essence is love.

If that is the case, then anyone who claims to be a God follower, regardless of the name we call God by, is the vessel through which the incarnate presence of God may be shared and shown to the world around us.

If the presence of God isn’t being shown or felt, it isn’t because God…

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  1. jumpingonclouds December 17, 2012 at 6:36 pm Reply

    I couldn’t agree more.

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