I love the humanity in T.K.’s post! He is looking at how we compare suffering. But I see his wonderful list of variables as a way to question any assessment of others, especially those we try to “help.” Wisdom, discernment, accountability. Terms tossed around but often not applied in the heat of the moment when advice is being given. How much kinder our world would be if we would know that we don’t know it all, and maintain respectful humility as we interact with others, especially when we are in a position to impact their lives with our judgments and advice! 

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Upon what basis can we say that one person has it easier than another?

Typically, such claims arise out of an observation in which, relative to some specific issue, one individual or group of individuals is seen to encounter less challenges than others.

For instance, a person who owns a car would appear to have an easier time getting around than a person whose options are limited to walking. It seems to be not only self-evident that the former has an easier time than the latter, but it would also seem outright cruel to deny that fact.

What is left out of the above analysis, however, is the plethora of other factors that can constitute difficulty or ease for a person.

We have not yet discussed their childhood or their past traumas. We have not yet discussed their quality of education. We have not yet discussed differences in gender, ethnicity…

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  1. T.K. Coleman November 20, 2012 at 3:50 am Reply

    First of all, thank you for sharing my post. I really appreciate that and I’m glad it served as fuel for positive fire. Secondly, I applaud you for giving the concepts a wider application. The need to question our judgments is a great one and it affects every area of life. Sometimes, the most compassionate position we can take is that of admitting our ignorance.

    Cheers 🙂


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