One Lovely Blog Nomination

I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by a gentle and generous blogger,, who has walked more than a few miles on a road similar to mine. She is a real-life hero who focuses on real-life heroes. She also markets a line of wonderful, empowering  magnets, and donates a portion of the proceeds to the Women and Children Crisis Center  which provides support, shelter, and supplies for women and children in need and also education about abuse.

Rules of accepting the award are to acknowledge who nominated me, tell 7 things about myself, and nominate 15 other bloggers.

Not only is it an honor to be nominated, it was a challenge to come up with other bloggers I wanted to nominate, since I am fairly new to blogging and hadn’t taken the time to look around a lot. So I did some exploration. Wow. This opened up a whole world of wonderful people, ideas and words that are making my inner life much better.  I am grateful to be able to know these people through their words and pictures. But I have been on a road trip with my 90+ year old parents, and haven’t had time to look for all 15.

Seven things about me:

1) I talk to and joke with strangers all the time – it feels good to connect with people, share smiles, and acknowledge their value.

2) Beauty and color nourish me (like that deep electric blue of the sky just after sunset).

3) My two daughters are beautiful inside and out, and they love me!

4) I need a job I can do with passion, purpose, good $, mutual respect, flexibility to be with 90+ old parents and those I love.

5) Fear, indecision, anxiety still plague me, and I am doing EVERYTHING I can to permanently silence them and live strong (and need prayers/good thoughts for wise decision-making for huge choices happening NOW).

6) My husband is fun, steady, and relentlessly kind.

7) I love sitting outdoors with a cup of coffee and a book (recommend one!).

Blogs that have blessed me:

1) Inspired2Ignite: her honesty, warmth and the extent of her recovery are encouraging, hope-giving

2) Mustard Seed Budget: Sincere and real, with photos that look like a piece of heaven

3) Affirmations I much-needed but couldn’t invent myself .

4) A Window of Wisdom: peaceful, rich and refreshingly different.

5) Moments With Millie: She says what I feel so often.

6) Writing For Recovery:  Very informative – Domestic Violence.

7) Tough-Minded optimism: Clear, concise, and clarifying.

8) Human In Recovery: Serious about recovery and also fun to read.

9) Anna Weber – Conversations among readers, writers, bloggers.

Now that I am off the road, end of the trip, I will be blogging again. Thanks for reading. Please keep writing, either your own blog, or talking with me, because I have a lot to learn from you.


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One thought on “One Lovely Blog Nomination

  1. Human In Recovery November 22, 2012 at 8:04 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing the love.

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